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trak-it lite

  • Obtain machine-related information directly on your web browser or handheld device.

  • Get information on the operational (vendor, spare parts replaced, maintenance status, running costs) parameters of any machine on the go. Financial information (cost, book value, depreciation, scrap value) COMING SOON!  

  • ​A customizable dashboard focuses on specific information that is important to you, with the ability to drill down and access more detail as and when required.

  • Asset tags integrated with cloud-based data storage for easy and flexible information handling.

  • OCR technology to scan maintenance-related paper documents into digital format; integrates seamlessly with other machine information.

  • Voice-to-text input allows dictating of maintenance-related information without having to type it in.

  • Offline mode allows the app to work in areas where there is no internet access.

  • Easily combined with sensor-based IoT systems to simultaneously track system health and performance.